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Comprehensive Recruitment Services for Candidates and Clients

Services Offered to Candidates:

Neroonkot Overseas Employment is a Specialist Healthcare Recruitment Agency with over ten years of experience in the recruitment industry. Our innovative and efficient recruitment system ensures we provide highly professional services, offering exceptional career opportunities with attractive salary packages in the Middle East. We support candidates throughout the entire process, ensuring you find exactly what you’re looking for. Each employer and hospital has unique requirements and criteria for selection for specific posts.

Our Process:

  • Application Processing: We process and filter your application, detailing the position you are looking for, and match your CV to the job description.

  • Pre-Interview: Suitable candidates are invited to a pre-interview, conducted either face-to-face, via telephone, or through Video Call.

  • Database Inclusion: Each candidate profile is added to our database.

  • Notification: Candidates are notified when suitable positions become available.

If you are a candidate seeking new opportunities and wish to be included in the Neroonkot Overseas database, please send your details to us via email at, explaining the type of opportunities and positions you are looking for. For more information or to utilize Neroonkot Overseas Recruitment’s services, contact us now.

Services Offered to Clients

We customize our services to suit each client, providing friendly and knowledgeable support throughout the recruitment process. Our extensive process ensures we work with top industry professionals, which attracts top-level candidates and creates great career opportunities.

Our Methodical Process:

  • Search and Selection Techniques: We use tried and tested search and selection techniques.

  • Advertising Channels: We combine research and advertising channels to find the best candidates through our links, groups, and database.

  • Shortlisting: We provide a shortlist of suitable candidates based on the client’s assignment requirements.

  • Detailed Candidate Profiles: Each candidate profile comes with detailed notes, allowing clients to focus on their specific key areas.

  • Cultural Fit: We understand the culture and nature of each business and match candidates who best fit the ethos of the organization.

  • Reference Checks: We verify the candidate’s work history and qualifications through thorough reference checks to ensure the accuracy of information provided by the candidate.

  • Interview & Shortlisting: Selected candidates are shortlisted and interviewed according to employer requirements by the employer/representative.

  • Medical Fitness: Candidates are sent for their medical fitness certification by an authorized center.

  • Job Offer Issuance and Visa Issuance: Successful candidates get their job offers and visas issued and endorsed with minimal delay.

  • Ticket Issuance: As soon as all the formalities are done, tickets are issued for the candidates to travel and start their new jobs.

  • Notification: Employers are notified in real-time about the whole process and status of applicants.

    We organize the entire process, from selection to the joining date.

For more information or to utilize Neroonkot Overseas Recruitment’s services, contact us now.

Neroonkot Overseas Pakistan: Your Premier Partner in Global Recruitment

For decades, Neroonkot Overseas Pakistan has established itself as a leader in the HR and staffing industry, standing out among overseas manpower recruitment agencies in Pakistan. Our team of recruitment experts has perfected the hiring process, ensuring seamless recruitment for international employers. Leveraging our extensive network and vast resources, we provide skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled manpower across all industries. Additionally, we specialize in executive recruiting, tailored to the specific needs of high-level positions.

Whether you require temporary recruitment, permanent recruitment, or contract staffing, our recruiters are committed to finding the ideal candidate for your position. With over ten years of experience, we have proudly served companies in the GCC and Middle East, helping them reduce recruitment costs by outsourcing their staffing needs to Neroonkot Overseas Pakistan.

Situated in Karachi, a major hub in Pakistan, our corporate office offers convenient access to expedite all government-related formalities. This strategic location ensures efficient and smooth processing throughout the entire manpower recruitment process in Pakistan.

Comprehensive Recruitment Services

Whether you need to hire in bulk or require specialized recruitment services, Neroonkot Overseas Pakistan stands as your best choice among recruitment agencies in Pakistan. Let us simplify and streamline the entire recruitment process for you. With our extensive industry experience, we are adept at finding the perfect fit for your organization. Contact us today to learn more about our recruitment services and discover how we can assist your organization in sourcing the finest talent from Pakistan.

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